Royal Wedding | Everything You Want To Know

Royal Wedding | Everything You Want To Know

Coverage of the royal wedding was one of the most watched wedding events in history. It was truly amazing with a really great love story that will remain in our memories for a very long time. It was quite an event and for most people, they will never have this experience but who is to say you can’t have your own royal wedding?

You’ve found your Prince Charming! While you may not be celebrating your nuptials like Prince William and Kate Middleton, there’s no reason your wedding can’t have all the pomp, circumstance and flair of the royal wedding, right?

The Royal wedding was everything we expected it to be because it was so glamorous and everything you could ever want a wedding to be.

If you’ve dreamed of your perfect wedding since you were a child, and what bride hasn’t, there are many ways to incorporate a royal theme into your wedding day.

There are many things to take into consideration when planning a royal wedding theme, but why not start with the location for the wedding and the reception. Is there a castle that you can book to host the ceremony and/or reception? If not, book the most upscale hotel that you have access to.

Your guests will know they are in for a treat when they receive engraved wedding invitations. Go all out and use hand-made paper and hand-calligraphy for the address.  If you can hand deliver some of the invitations, why not use a wax seal to close the envelope.

Include wedding programs scrolls as part of the decorations. Your programs will list your and your husband’s names, the parents’ names, information on the wedding party and other pertinent information. Tie the scrolls in a color to match your wedding theme and leave them at the guest’s place settings.

Grand entrance
Making a dramatic entrance is part and parcel of a royal wedding.  See if some of the groomsmen can be pressed into service as footmen or trumpeters to herald your arrival and precede you down the aisle. Arrive at your reception in a horse drawn carriage. Upon your arrival, your new husband can “hand you down” from the carriage and escort you to the reception hall.

Your gown should be traditional and made of heavy silk or brocade. The train can be carried by a miniature “bride and groom” if you have younger children who want to be part of the ceremony.

What bridal gown would be complete without a royal tiara? Your jewelry – other than the tiara – should be understated and opulent. Your bridesmaid’s attire should also be of rich fabrics such as velvet or satin.

They should wear elbow length satin gloves. Ask your groom-to-be whether he and his groomsmen would be willing to wear top hats and carry canes.

Set the mood
Your reception hall should be draped with rich fabrics in your Arizona wedding colors. Table decorations should be opulent and should consist of floating candles, ice sculptures or even glass slippers! To carry your royal theme even further, consider using silver candelabra at each reception table.

The chairs at the reception should be covered in rich fabrics as well. String quartets or a pianist can set the mood during the meal – which should consist of at least five courses. Rather than sending waiters around to fill guests’ champagne glasses, consider having a bucket with champagne at each table. Between meal courses, waiters can circulate and offer hors d’oeuvres to cleanse the palate for the next course.

Your wedding cake should make an opulent statement. Your cake top should be understated and elegant and made of crystal. If you want a Cinderella feel to the cake, use a horse-drawn carriage or emulate the wax seal you used for your wedding invitations as the cake topper. Slice your cake with silver cake servers; consider using a monogrammed one adorned with the same ribbons you used to tie your programs with.

The royal dance
You and your fiancé should take some ballroom dance lessons so when the first dance rolls around, you and he can twirl around the dance floor to the string quartets’ playing a waltz.

Also, wedding photography is extremely important because you want these memories to remain with you for a very long time.  You want to talk to a professional wedding photographer and letting them know what you are looking for in wedding photos. Are you looking for traditional style or contemporary wedding pictures to be taken?

Grand departure
Once the wedding and reception have wound down and you and your husband ride off into the moonlight to begin your lives together, he can hand you back into your horse drawn carriage and off you go into your new lives together!

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See the Royal Wedding Pictures Presentation

A Photo Booth Rental Is A Must Have For A Great Wedding

A Photo Booth Rental Is A Must Have For A Fun Party

The photo booth was invented in 1925 and has become the must have addition to parties and events today. Photo booth rental mania is back with a vengeance. Who would have thought that a modern version of this classic would move from dime stores to arcades and now at the nicest event venues in the country?

In 2004 a rebirth of the photo booth rental began! It hasn’t slowed down since. In the mall they come in some bizarre configurations. If you are party bound, you will almost certain to run into a photo booth. Once you experience it, you will see what the excitement is all about.

Not just for weddings. Photo booths have become the must have addition for corporate parties, reunions, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays, graduations and school dances. Unlike those old arcade style photo booths, the new photo booths are a stand up, dance around and get a fun experience. Adding to the fun is a assortment of fun props to bring out the crazy in anyone!

No blurry pictures here. Thanks to computers, custom software and studio flash the pictures are actually of professional quality. Seeing really is believing. Unlike the hired photographer, its all automatic. With a push of a activator button, you are on your way to some serious fun. Add in some crazy props and your guests will reveal themselves in ways you would have never imagined. Many of the photo booths have 4 shots, 7 seconds apart, it is 28 seconds of photographic bliss.

Adding to the fun, is the more times you go through the booth the better you get at it! Because photo booths are generally rented for the evening with unlimited trips, guests can go through over and over again. Usually getting crazier each time!

Sharing of your photo booth fun couldn’t be easier and has likely contributed to it catching on so quickly. Most of the time, your guests will be able to view the photos on-line for a number of days. Often, the images will be given to the host to share. In addition, unlike most photographers, photobooth operators actually encourage scanning! They are your pics, do with them as you like!

Want to make your wedding more merry or make your party a ball? You might just want to consider hiring a wedding photo booth for your event. With prices ranging from $500-$1500, they can fit into any budget. Just make sure you know what you are getting, hire a professional and have fun!

Michael Barrett is the founder of Booth Crazy, the leading photo booth rental Kansas City company.

Top 7 Irish Wedding Photographers & Their Tips

IrishWedding Photographer | Favorite Weddings in Dublin

A Dublin Wedding Photographer has some of the greatest challenges to photography but also some of the greatest rewards.  I am showing you some of my favorite weddings so that you can see how it looks beforehand. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in New York City, you need to check out these amazing videos which show some of the greatest work in wedding photography.

Every Dublin wedding photographer has a different style.  That’s for sure. They have the same city to work with but every job brings a unique challenge to the table and and wedding photographer has a different reference point of view and ability to adjust to that challenge.  What people see in a certain situation is not always the same. A photographer in general has to have a good eye to capture every opportunity they can.

Once of my favorite things is looking at videos that have been edited by Dublin wedding photographer. These pictures and videos are very nice to look at and show a different flavor in photography in general.

These are some of my favorite videos showing the different styles that photographers have. You might think that a camera is a camera and anyone with the right equipment can do the job but that is far from the truth.

Large wedding magazines don’t hire just anyone to take quality photos. They know that some photographers are more talented than others. They have a vivid imagination and can see the picture before it’s taken. Before they even push the button, they have envisioned the perfect photograph.

Dublin has some of the most beautiful scenery and although buildings are everywhere, knowing how to use these as an advantage is the key. Many wedding photographers will take pictures with the busy new york lifestyle in the background not trying to cover anything up but instead use it as a positive to tell the Dublin work Wedding story.

The following are some really nice wedding videos that have been taken by Dublin Wedding Photographers.  Actually, they are pictures that have been put into a video so you can really get a good idea of the unique styles and challenges that come about.

Gimp Photo Editing Software | Edit Your Wedding Pictures Free

Gimp Photo Editing Software | Edit Your Wedding Pictures Free

Gimp photo editing software – which stands for the “GNU Image Manipulation Program” – is open source graphics editing software with a range of powerful features for image authoring, image composition, and photo retouching. Versions of the program are available for use on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and it provides a powerful but extremely affordable alternative to expensive commercial programs such as Adobe Photoshop.

In terms of painting and drawing images, the Gimp photo editing software includes a full suite of drawing tools (all of which produce smooth drawing effects thanks to powerful anti-aliasing technology) such as pencils, brushes, airbrush, and cloning. The program of course supports custom brushes and patterns, as well as gradient and blending tools.

For adjusting, manipulating and cleaning up images, there are many different tools, and most importantly the program supports multiple levels of undo and redo, so if you make a mistake, you can easily recover from it.

Gimp has its own native file format for saving images, known as XCF, which retains layers and the other sophisticated editing features that you need to keep for work’s that are still in progress.

However images in Gimp can also be loaded, saved, or converted to and from a wide variety of popular file formats including bmp, gif, jpeg, png, ps, psd, tiff and numerous others.

Another powerful aspect of the Gimp, is that like top-end commercial graphics programs, the software is both extensible and can be automated:

* Extensibility means that programmers can enhance the software with add-on modules (“extensions” or “plug-ins”) that provide extra features over and above the basic program. For example, typical extensions may add support for loading or saving images in different file formats, or provide extra effects and filters for manipulating images.

* The automation features of the Gimp allows scripts to be set up to perform common procedures that you might otherwise need to do again and again. For example, if you have a large number of images to convert from one file format to another, a script can be set up to do this in automated way, rather than you manually have to load and then re-save each individual image.

Obtaining the Gimp is easy. The Gimp is actually an open source program, which means you can download it (including the source code, which you can review or even edit if you have the programming skills) for free.

The basic free installation is all you need and easy to learn and you don’t need programming skills so don’t worry. Also, there are many free tools, plugins, fonts, and tutorials available to help you edit your photos fast and free.

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You can download Gimp Here but read the rest of this first because you will need to if your pictures are high resolution and which means large files.

Gimp Photo Editing Software | Be More Efficient with Batch Processing

After spending hours resizing and making minor adjustments to each of the hundreds of photos you took or were taken by the wedding photographer, you will soon realize you need batch processing. Unfortunately, Gimp does not come with a built-in batch editing feature, but there’s a plugin available that will add that functionality and you can download it here also.

The plugin you’re looking for is called David’s Batch Processor (DBP), which you can download. Scroll down to the Windows Users sections and grab the latest download ( Extract dbp.exe from the ZIP file and place it in C:Program FilesGIMP-2.0libgimp2.0plug-ins. It’s that easy.

The next time you fire up GIMP, you’ll find the Batch Process feature under the Filters menu. If you don’t see this option, make sure you put the plugin the correct folder and reload GIMP.

The Batch Processor window contains several tabs, but the first thing you need to do is click on Add Files and select the photos you want to alter. You can remove individual files if you accidentally add one or change your mind, or clear the entire list.

In wedding photography, we tend to take high resolution images, this gives us the flexibility to come back later and edit them for different projects. But this also makes them easier to send to friends and family who have no interest in downloading a 10MB attachment. We can fix this by selecting the Resize tab, clicking on the Enable checkbox, and then choosing whether to downsize by Relative or Absolute.

The other options include the ability to turn, flip, and rotate images, blur photos, adjust the color (including auto adjustments), crop, and sharpen. We can also choose to rename our snapshots and output to a variety of file formats, such as BMP, JPG, PNG, and several others.

Gimp Photo Editing Software | Resources has great fresh GIMP tutorials, lessons and resources for creating amazing photos and graphics. Learn how to create effects and manipulate images using the free Photoshop alternative.

If you are like me and like to learn by watching, then you should check out the following channel on YouTube named Gimptricks.  It’s very informative and will help you learn much faster.

If you are more serious about your work, you should get the following Gimp for photographers book.

GIMP 2.6 for Photographers; Image Editing with Open Source Software