A Photo Booth Rental Is A Must Have For A Great Wedding

A Photo Booth Rental Is A Must Have For A Fun Party

The photo booth was invented in 1925 and has become the must have addition to parties and events today. Photo booth rental mania is back with a vengeance. Who would have thought that a modern version of this classic would move from dime stores to arcades and now at the nicest event venues in the country?

In 2004 a rebirth of the photo booth rental began! It hasn’t slowed down since. In the mall they come in some bizarre configurations. If you are party bound, you will almost certain to run into a photo booth. Once you experience it, you will see what the excitement is all about.

Not just for weddings. Photo booths have become the must have addition for corporate parties, reunions, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays, graduations and school dances. Unlike those old arcade style photo booths, the new photo booths are a stand up, dance around and get a fun experience. Adding to the fun is a assortment of fun props to bring out the crazy in anyone!

No blurry pictures here. Thanks to computers, custom software and studio flash the pictures are actually of professional quality. Seeing really is believing. Unlike the hired photographer, its all automatic. With a push of a activator button, you are on your way to some serious fun. Add in some crazy props and your guests will reveal themselves in ways you would have never imagined. Many of the photo booths have 4 shots, 7 seconds apart, it is 28 seconds of photographic bliss.

Adding to the fun, is the more times you go through the booth the better you get at it! Because photo booths are generally rented for the evening with unlimited trips, guests can go through over and over again. Usually getting crazier each time!

Sharing of your photo booth fun couldn’t be easier and has likely contributed to it catching on so quickly. Most of the time, your guests will be able to view the photos on-line for a number of days. Often, the images will be given to the host to share. In addition, unlike most photographers, photobooth operators actually encourage scanning! They are your pics, do with them as you like!

Want to make your wedding more merry or make your party a ball? You might just want to consider hiring a wedding photo booth for your event. With prices ranging from $500-$1500, they can fit into any budget. Just make sure you know what you are getting, hire a professional and have fun!

Michael Barrett is the founder of Booth Crazy, the leading photo booth rental Kansas City company.